Our system empowers you, but not with magic. The results are completely based on your own input. You have the power to decide.

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  • Who we are

    We are decision theory researches and explorers of the human mind.

    By combining our knowledge of decision theory with our skills of web development, we would like to create a world where the quality of our decisions and the quality of life are at their best.

    We will keep on supporting and developing odesys, but we need your help. By making a donation you will ensure further support for this project.

  • What we do

    We provide the tool that help you quickly and easily build a model of your decision problem by guiding you through the decision-making process step-by-step.

    By inviting other people to look at your decision from an independent or unbiased point of view through the power of social networking, you can increase your insight into the decision problem.

    If you would like, you can remain anonymous, keep your decision private and just use our tool to model the decision problem for yourself.

    Odesys is a web-based decision support system that augments the user's decision-making process.

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