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Welcome to the Odesys Decision Support System (DSS), a practical tool for students to learn the fundamentals of decision modeling. Our platform offers structured guidance for creating decision models, helping you understand the basics of modeling a decision.

There are four steps to the process.

Step 1: Define Alternatives

At this stage, you'll identify your available options, known as "alternatives." Think of it as creating a menu of choices. Just like deciding what to have for dinner, you'll list out all the different alternatives.

Step 2: Define Factors

In the second step, you'll define the important qualities or characteristics, called "factors," that you'll consider when making your decision. These factors could be things like price, location, or ratings, depending on your decision.

Step 3: Evaluation

Here, you'll dive into the heart of the decision-making process. You'll learn to use relative scales, set the context, and use sliders to evaluate each alternative based on the defined factors. It's like comparing different pizza toppings to find your favorite.

Step 4: Analysis of Results

In the final step, our DSS does the math, and you'll get results. It's akin to revealing the scorecard of a game you played. You'll see how each alternative ranks, helping you make sense of your choices.

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