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About this online DSS

Back in 2009, it was a different time. I was studying at FOV, the web was still young and I needed a project for my thesis. There was a subject close to my heart called Decision Support Systems. Professor dr. Vladislav Rajkovi─Ź captured us with his charisma and stories.

At one point, we were learning how to plot a decision model on the ABACON chart. I found it engaging to be able to visualize your decision model, but pen and paper? Surely, we can do better.

So I combined my amateur web-development skills with a young man's passion and half-thought out ideas and produced something remarkably terrible.

Fast forward two years, and I'm now doing my masters' thesis. It turns out that having your own project during studies is a smart idea. Instead of thinking about something new everytime, I tried to sneak-in my terrible attempt at a DSS into any course. Class about Computer Security? Perfect opportunity to learn about SSL and securing a server.

Over time, my good buddy Frenk helped me out to make it a bit less terrible, but it was still mostly useless.

Yet somehow, after all these years, any time there is downtime, I get an email. Students are still using it to learn about decision support systems.

So in 2023, I took it out of the closet, dusted the server and gave it a facelift to give the good people who rely on it a better experience.

And you know what, it was fun to look at my code from 10+ years ago. I even left the camp a bit better than when I found it. It's still mostly useless, but it's still my playground.

Taj Pelc