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Katero pecivo naj spečem?

November 24, 2022

In this decison model, 5 alternatives were evaluated by 6 factors.

The alternative "Browniji" scored the highest with a lead of 34.87 points compared to "Piškoti z rozinami".

Piškoti z rozinami
Jagodna torta

Breakdown by factors

Hitrost priprave
Preprostost recepta
Dosegljivost sestavin
Moje predhodno znanje priprave

This is the decision model in a graph. You can hide and display alternatives by clicking on their label. This will help you cross-examine two or more alternatives and gain insight into how they compare.



The scores are adjusted using weights in a manner where each successive factor contributes slightly less to the overall score. You have the option to disable this.

Further information

How to interpret the results?

Interpreting the results means understanding what the graphs are telling you. In the first graph that shows the total score, a higher score means the alternative is better according to the criteria that was set by the creator.

In the second graph, you can see how each alternative compares to others for each factor. Look for patterns – points further right mean that alternative is better for that factor.

As both the alternatives, factors and evaluations are highly subjective, it's impossible to guess the intention of the person who created this decision model.

Use it as inspiration and if you want to decide, try creating your own decision model on the front page.